Ghanshyam Tech – Exposed?

People have always suspected him of being a fraud, and today he was finally exposed. It’s astonishing that he has amassed 1.4 million subscribers. Even though he doesn’t sell courses, it appears he earned 20-30 crore through affiliate links.

It’s fascinating to see how this has turned into a lucrative business model. First, make tens of crores through affiliations and courses, then gamble a portion of it, make a million or two on a single day, create videos about it, and sell dreams to people.

We’ve attached some links and sources, and we hope that his loyal followers don’t lose trust in people in general. He’s also playing the victim card, complaining that his videos are receiving copyright strikes and that paid course sellers are jealous of his free courses, which seems rather implausible. (Paid courses, in general, tend to be subpar, anyway, lol.) He even deleted his verified Profit and Loss (PnL) report from his latest video because he didn’t realize that the link isn’t static and keeps changing. On some days, he incurred losses of nearly 5 crores, with multiple days of losses averaging above 2 crores. Yet in his interviews, he preaches about risk management while his profitability seems entirely arbitrary. It appears he may be using multiple accounts to trade, only showcasing the ones that make a profit on YouTube.

What does it mean?

This situation raises serious questions about the authenticity and transparency of these so-called trading gurus and their online personas. It’s concerning to think that individuals like Ghanshyam Tech are not only misleading their followers but also potentially profiting at their expense.

The allure of quick wealth in the world of trading and investing can be enticing, and it’s not uncommon for people to fall for promises of easy money. These individuals exploit this vulnerability, leveraging their subscriber counts and perceived authority to profit through affiliate marketing and other means.

What’s particularly disconcerting is the manipulation of information and the selective presentation of their trading results. Deleting verified PnL reports and cherry-picking profitable trades to showcase on YouTube misleads viewers and gives a false impression of success. It’s a dangerous game that can have devastating consequences for those who follow their advice blindly.

As consumers and followers, it’s crucial to exercise skepticism and conduct due diligence before placing trust in any online personality, especially in the realm of finance and trading. Verify claims, scrutinize their track record, and seek independent sources of information.

Ultimately, this situation serves as a reminder that while the internet has democratized access to information, it has also created a platform where unscrupulous individuals can take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. It’s essential to remain vigilant and critical when navigating the online world, especially in matters as significant as personal finance and investments.

Disclosure : “These thoughts do not originate from us; they are sourced from Quora, and the author is Arun Goyal. We do not intend to dispute this.”

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